Gift Giving Becomes Crystal Clear When Your Plants Are As Light As Air

article pic1Are you looking for something contemporary, stylish and practical? Then our new range of glass terrariums create a whole world of possibilities, especially when they are used to showcase an exceptional specimen plant, the Tillandsia, better known as an Air Plant. As the ultimate low maintenance plant, Tillandsias form the largest genus of the bromeliad family. They are ephiphytic which means they use their root systems to attach themselves to wood or rocks in the natural environment. Most excitingly though, they can exist as a “free form” unattached specimen that requires minimal care. Their wonderful structural form varies from strap-shaped to narrowly triangular or linear and they often have prominent sheaths which adds to their appeal, as does the silvery grey green tones of the leaf blades.

 How best to display them? Well, a grouping of two or three looks fantastic. Our stylish multi-faceted glass vessels come in a cube, quad and fabulous pyramid shape, perfect for displaying a single plant which appears to float in its own world. These terrariums look equally at home on the office desk or kitchen bench.

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A relaxed beachy look is achievable by sitting your “Tilly” on a bed of crushed shells, then adding that special shell you and your children found on that last holiday and suddenly a memory becomes a living story! Shells, candles, organic and woody accessories create an instantly relaxed feel and it’s so easy to create a personalised and imaginative gift. Not only that, plants have de-stressing benefits and we can all do with that at this busy time of the year.

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If you prefer an edgier urban look, team your air plant with our grey granite light globe-look holders, very on trend for instant industrial chic! Maintenance for air plants is super simple. There are three key elements to success – bright light or filtered sun, thorough misting with water once a week and good air circulation. Come into our nursery for your “Tilly Terrarium” and we’ll give you a care guide fact sheet. We’ll help you create a gift that’s a real piece of art with a personal touch. Suddenly gift giving is crystal clear!

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