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Gift Giving Becomes Crystal Clear When Your Plants Are As Light As Air

article pic1Are you looking for something contemporary, stylish and practical? Then our new range of glass terrariums create a whole world of possibilities, especially when they are used to showcase an exceptional specimen plant, the Tillandsia, better known as an Air Plant. As the ultimate low maintenance plant, Tillandsias form the largest genus of the bromeliad family. They are ephiphytic which means they use their root systems to attach themselves to wood or rocks in the natural environment. Most excitingly though, they can exist as a “free form” unattached specimen that requires minimal care. Their wonderful structural form varies from strap-shaped to narrowly triangular or linear and they often have prominent sheaths which adds to their appeal, as does the silvery grey green tones of the leaf blades.


Nespresso Capsule Recycling

nespresso second life imageWe are the only garden centre within a 10km radius of Turramurra to offer this superb recycling service, so bring your Nespresso capsules in, drop them into the recycling bin & we'll send them off so they can begin their life cycle again.


A Colourful Winter



Living Local - Winter 2014


Whilst the temperatures can be a little on the chilly side,
there are plenty of plants that flower throughout winter to
warm your heart - here are just a handful of my favourites.



Now is the best time to plant

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Living Local - Autumn 2014

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”.

There are increasing concerns amongst Australians that our urban green spaces are under threat so a national initiative has recently been launched with the title “202020 Vision”. The aim is to increase urban green space in our cities by 20% by the year 2020 in a bid to improve air quality, reduce pollution, improve commercial productivity, cool our cities and combat the lack of community spaces. The need for inter-industry collaboration is of paramount importance and so far there are over 20 advocates and upwards of 50 partner organisations who have already committed to this vision which include government bodies, commercial developers, academics and most importantly the horticultural industry.