Our Environmental Charter

Elegant Outdoors recognises the importance of protecting our fragile environment & is sincerely committed to minimising its environmental footprint through EOGreen, its in-house Environmental Charter. We endeavour to work in harmony with the environment though environmentally friendly business activities, products & services. We aim to promote the protection of the environment & strive to be recognized as an exemplary leader in environmental management throughout the nursery retail sector.

Our aims are:

  • To respect & adhere to relevant environmental laws including the Australian Garden Centre Accreditation Scheme (AGCAS)
  • To promote environmental initiatives, foster environmental awareness & maintain active relationships with stakeholders, policy makers, communities & other environmentally interested parties
  • To encourage the collection & recycling of products & minimise unnecessary landfill wastes
  • To regularly audit our business operations to maintain, strengthen and improve our environmental performance
  • To ensure that company employees are conscious of their individual responsibilities towards environmental preservation & encourage them to become environmentally astute

Elegant Outdoors has implemented several strategies in accordance with EOGreen to minimise its environmental footprint. These include:

  • Catchment of irrigation runoff to water common gardens
  • Irrigation practices to match plant water requirements with plant growth needs
  • Recycling of plastics and papers
  • Use of energy efficient LED light bulbs
  • Nutrient management to match fertiliser application with plant growth needs