Summer Lovin’

Living Local - Summer 2012

December is officially the first month of summer & the month for entertaining at home so most of us will be planning a quick garden makeover. We all like to have our outdoor areas looking colourful for Christmas so here are just a few of the many plants that are available right now. Hydrangeas are at their best at this time but keep them in the shadier areas as they need shelter from the harsh summer heat. In contrast, Vincas love the sunshine & heat & this superb perennial will flower right through to the end of Autumn. The Mandevilla is a fast growing climber that produces abundant white, pink & red flowers & talking of climbers, you can’t go past the heady scent of the Chinese Star Jasmine.

Potted colour is great to instantly spruce up pots & empty spots in the garden. The pick of what’s available now are the petunias, lobelia, alyssum & bedding begonias. Use Thrive For Flower & Fruit, a soluble fertiliser high in potassium, every couple of weeks to keep those flowers coming. Hang baskets of colourful spreading Petunias, Geraniums & Dichondra Silver Falls in your sunnier areas & Nodding Violets, Tahitian Bridal Veils & lush Bostons Ferns in the shadier parts.

Summer Lovin








There’s nothing better than growing your own fruit, vegetables & herbs. Citrus trees love the sun & there are many dwarf varieties available which are great for pots. Create a herb garden & use them to jazz up salads, sauces & dressings. Keep them happy & healthy with fortnightly applications of the liquid fertiliser Powerfeed For Vegies.

Water your plants well – deep watering & mulching will go a long way to ensuring their survival through the heat of summer. Fertilise your plants with Garden Gold every couple of months to keep them well fed & apply a seaweed solution like Seasol to promote root growth & to help your plants cope with the stresses of heat & the inevitable pests & diseases.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a stunning Poinsettia. Put it in a white ceramic pot to show off the red leaves & make it the centrepiece on your table. Give one to a friend or loved one, after all, a plant is the gift that keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas!