Glorious Autumn

Living Local - Autumn 2013

Autumn is a fantastic time of the year in the garden. The air & soil temperatures are perfect for new plants to get settled in before winter arrives. So it’s time to rejuvenate your tired garden beds with an all-in-one composted soil improver & planting mix – Biogrow by Amgrow is the perfect choice to give your plants the best start. To feed your new additions through autumn, apply Organic Xtra, a premium organic fertiliser made from poultry manure, feather & fish meal, natural minerals, blood & bone, composted seaweed & sulphate of potash – sounds like the perfect plant-meal to me!  


After planting, keep the roots healthy & vigorous with a weekly application of a seaweed based solution – Harvest is best as it has fulvic acid which is a natural component of humus that helps plants absorb nutrients.



Coming into the cooler months, the best annuals to plant are pansies, violas, primulas & polyanthus. Buy the more advanced “potted colour” size for instant results – they will only get bigger & better throughout autumn & winter. The colder it gets, the better the blooms! To keep them flowering, apply a soluble fertiliser every couple of weeks which is high in potassium. In the nursery, we use All Gro by Grokem, which is affectionately called “the magic pink stuff” – you’ll be amazed at the results.



Begonia Dragon Wings - flowering practically every day of the year with large glossy emerald green leaves, suited to both sunny & shady areas, this is a compact perennial that just shines. A fabulous plant, just perfect - you absolutely can’t go past this beauty. What more can we say? Every home should have one !



Trachelospermum jasminoides tricolour - well, what a mouthful ! Just call it “trach tricolour”. This is a more compact, slightly slower growing form of the ever popular “Chinese Star Jasmine”. With mottled, variegated leaves, the new shoots are white & pink but the dainty white flowers are unfortunately few in numbers & therefore fairly insignificant. So use this robust plant as a groundcover or low hedge for its foliage contrast. It is perfect for both sunny & semi-shaded positions & is a real toughy !